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Frozen Tuna Fish (Kelawalla) [per 500G]

Rs 990.00
Sold out

Frozen Sail Fish (Thalapath) [per 500G]

Rs 1,125.00
Sold out

Frozen King Fish (Thora) [per 500G]

Rs 1,620.00
Sold out

Frozen Marlin Fish (Koppara) [per 500G]

Rs 1,282.50

Frozen Tuna Cubes (Kelawalla) [per 500G]

Rs 1,080.00

Fresh Tuna Cubes (Kelawalla) [per 500G]

Rs 1,425.00

Frozen Sailfish Cubes (Thalapath) [per 500G]

Rs 1,800.00

Fresh Tuna Stir Fry Strips [per 500G]

Rs 1,012.50
Sold out

Frozen Cleaned Marinara (squid/dalla) Bites [per 250G]

Rs 427.50

Tuna Fish Roe (Tuna fish egg) [per 1KG]

Rs 990.00

Frozen Grouper (galmalu) Fillet [per 500G]

Rs 1,485.00

Frozen Sword Fish (Sappara) Steak for Grilling – Premium [per 500G]

Rs 1,215.00

Chilled Tuna Sashimi Sliced – Premium Cut [per 500G]

Rs 4,250.00
Sold out

Frozen Cleaned Ribbon Fish (Savalaya) Steaks [per 500G]

Rs 585.00
Sold out

Frozen Blue Swimming Cut Crabs – Large Size [per KG]

Rs 2,340.00
Sold out

Frozen Kumbalawa Fish – gutted [500g]

Rs 675.00

Frozen Natural Tuna Skinless Boneless Steaks [per 500G]

Rs 1,170.00
Sold out

Frozen Salaya Fish – Whole [PER 500 G]

Rs 450.00

Frozen Tuna Griller [per 500G]

Rs 990.00

Frozen Tuna Slider [per 250G]

Rs 495.00

Frozen Chunky Sticks (Tuna and Sword Fish) [per 1KG]

Rs 2,160.00
Sold out

Frozen King Fish (Thora) [1KG]

Rs 3,240.00
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